1 Common Mistake in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a rising field of interest within the communication industry. Creating and providing relevant, engaging content to consumers on a regular basis is an important component to promoting a brand’s success. Thanks to a little research, I found an important issue many communications professionals face when participating in content marketing: inconsistency. According to… Continue reading 1 Common Mistake in Content Marketing



According to Philip Paterson and Lee Wilkins, co-authors of Media Ethics: Issues & Cases, “Ethics, it is argued, is something you have, not something you do,” (Patterson & Wilkins, 2011). Any current or rising professional in the communications field should have at least a basic knowledge of ethics. However, in order to become a successful… Continue reading Ethics

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Interview with Kim McCarl

I was given an assignment to interview a professional in the communication field. The purpose of the interview was to gain firsthand, insightful information on what goes on in the professional world after college. During a job shadow at Element Advertising in Asheville, NC, I asked Kim McCarl, the agency’s public relations strategist/account director, if… Continue reading Interview with Kim McCarl